Fantasy collectible trading Cards, sent over Blockchain? Welcome to the ASHWICK NFT Series!
Based on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain, they are in seconds in your wallet.






ASHWICKs price is increasing from the first day of creation. Since every ASHWICK is a collectible trading card, you have the chance for getting your own ASHWICK at an ultralow price (for now). The price are reaching from about 0.01 BCH to 1 BCH,


Since the whole ASHWICK series is based on Bitcoin Cash, it is ultrafast to send them to your wallet. You have a friend on the other side of the world? No problem. Seconds later, he or she will get it.


Every character in the ASHWICK universe is uniquely designed and has its own characteristica. The look of every figure makes them special and loved by every trader and holder.


Their look is different: From monsters to cyborgs, everyone has got his own  favorite figure. Have you got allready yours?

Different Fractions
one story

get into the adventure

Join us on this fantastic adventure, which plays in Mildrad, a land, which existed
long time ago, before us. Many Fractions, like the Dwarfs or the Warrios, lived there in different
regions of the World: Lava, as hot as inner core of the earth or
Icecold regions like the Lagras-Mountains.


As you can see here, these are just a few ASHCARDs. In total, there are 150 released yet.


Since the community of 
ASHWICK holders
continuously growing, there where already about 100 different holders in the first week. 
Without advertising and stuff like that. You have the chance right now, to get an ASHWICK at a really good price.

Made with love
created together


From a young age the unknown creator Adilan started to draw Pokemon and different types of fantasy characters. With time, he got his first computer and started to create fantasy worlds and game maps with Unreal Engine 4 and different other 3d engines.
By now, he is fully involved with creation of the ASHWICK world.